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Saying something then asking others to prove you wrong is not a logical argument. I could say "most people use addon's" and it would be just as valid.
I was just turning things around to show that neither side can prove it one way or the other. Therefor, the argument was tossed.

First, no one is requiring anyone to raid. No one is requiring anyone to join a guild that requires addon's. If you want to be in those guilds, you follow their rules. So saying that people need addon's to raid is a falacy.

And DBM vs UI tweaks and damage meters are not the same level of addon. Also, yes, Blizzard has made functionality that allowed for gamebreaking addons (IE Healbot that auto healed the lowest health person, the Wrath addon that put red circles on the ground where you shouldn't stand, etc), and they were easy to break. You disable their info stream.

DBM works because there is a WoW API that tells the client when the fight starts and when an ability was used, along with the graphical means to display timers. Without those hooks, DBM doesn't work.
Addons are not required to raid, in my option, but guilds will require them for raiding if the functionality comes out. This feels like to me that we are saying "Give us addons, you don't have to use them! Oh to join with us you need these addons... Have fun with whatever it is you do!"

Also for the "level" of addon API's allowed, I guess we would have to see what TOR allows. Exploiting those APIs would never be a game breaker either, I apologize if it came across that I felt that way, just that it is likely something we need be aware of regardless how constrictive the API's end up being. Just remember that someone will find a way to break it, they always do. Then it will be fixed, such is the way of things.

People are making this argument, I agree. However, it's a valid argument. Without a damage meter, you have no idea if you wiped due to the guy with awesome gear going AFK for 2 minutes while the guy with bad gear worked his butt off, or if someone is just bad.

The reason we don't have damage meters in-game right now isn't some moral, principled argument, it's that Bioware didn't put them in, and wanted to ship the game before Christmas. For raiding in this game to survive, you'll need 2 things:

1. Content is so easy that it doesn't matter if you can tell if people are bad.
2. A way to tell what you need to improve.
I absolutely agree that it is more the status of BW development that is the lack of these features than our arguments about them. As an earlier poster put up, Curse has over 4,700 addons available. That is one huge giant for BW to bring on board.

Also a very good point that if the content is easy enough to carry bad people without noticing, people will get bored. Some level of this content is needed for those people that just want to play and have some mindless fun, so long as there is plenty above it for everyone else. I mostly feel that the addition of addons will not help these people at all to better their play style.