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01.04.2012 , 01:16 PM | #10
really addons are not required, once they are ingame they will be required.

I played wow, i played wow without addons. I raided in a guild without addons, not damage meters, not threat meters nothing. I did this as a tank and as a dps. I did so well nobody ever questioned whether i had them or not, i guess everyone assumed i had them but i did not. then our raid leader got some addon that showed what everyone was using as addons. it was already a requirement in our guild that you have threat meter, dps meter, some stupid addon that told you to move out of the fire, and some boss addon that told you exactly where and when the boss was going ot move, what he was going to do and everything. talk about making content trivial, hell you got a mod that tells you exactly where to stand to avoid the boss from hurting you, and then say oh wow combat is so hard, pfft, easy.

anyway after our raid leader got this addon, they started enforcing everybody had to go download this crap. so to keep raiding and after many many arguing sessions I finally downloaded them. what the raid leader found out is my dps went down. when i was asked why, i told him you made me download all this crap that clutters up my screen, i cant concentrate on the fight anymore.

so yes addons will be required by lazy bad raid leaders that dont want to learn the fight and teach people the fight or just want the fight to be easy. id prefer not.