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#1: Already stated I don't have hard proof, but I want you to prove to me that +5million WoW players use addons.
Saying something then asking others to prove you wrong is not a logical argument. I could say "most people use addon's" and it would be just as valid.

#2: Fallacy? Raiding guilds all require at least a DBM equivilent, some require more. Allowing addons to TOR will bring similar functions and the same results. Saying players don't have to use addons then requiring them to raid is an invalid argument. (I'm not saying its better for the raiding community. I'm saying the argument itself is invalid)
First, no one is requiring anyone to raid. No one is requiring anyone to join a guild that requires addon's. If you want to be in those guilds, you follow their rules. So saying that people need addon's to raid is a falacy.

And DBM vs UI tweaks and damage meters are not the same level of addon. Also, yes, Blizzard has made functionality that allowed for gamebreaking addons (IE Healbot that auto healed the lowest health person, the Wrath addon that put red circles on the ground where you shouldn't stand, etc), and they were easy to break. You disable their info stream.

DBM works because there is a WoW API that tells the client when the fight starts and when an ability was used, along with the graphical means to display timers. Without those hooks, DBM doesn't work.

#3: Check the MANY posts on these forums from people stating the exact thing that a lack of DPS meters and the like will keep bad players hidden and able to stay bad. People are making the argument.
People are making this argument, I agree. However, it's a valid argument. Without a damage meter, you have no idea if you wiped due to the guy with awesome gear going AFK for 2 minutes while the guy with bad gear worked his butt off, or if someone is just bad.

The reason we don't have damage meters in-game right now isn't some moral, principled argument, it's that Bioware didn't put them in, and wanted to ship the game before Christmas. For raiding in this game to survive, you'll need 2 things:

1. Content is so easy that it doesn't matter if you can tell if people are bad.
2. A way to tell what you need to improve.
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