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Since I know CMs are reading this thread, I suggest you remove the personal attacks in the user's first post. I stated facts that proved the OP was incorrect (by a wide margin) and called him a fool. I didn't use much more vulgar language, but the OP has a sentence in his original post saying: "Of course, this is all a pipe dream as many forum goers are lucky to complete a sentence correctly, but I will continue to dream because this fantasy land of people using their brains to achieve something is a very shiny place."

So, I can't call someone a fool but the OP can say everyone who disagrees with him is 1) Brain dead 2) He is the only one capable of playing a game without the use of Addons and 3) Forum goers can't complete a sentence correctly.

Again, remove this from his post or close the thread. If you punish some people you must punish them all, we wouldn't want to show favoritism now would we? Thanks
How have I attacked all forum goers? You have done a great job arguing your point and putting forth information to back it. The fact that I disagree with the numbers has nothing to do with you doing it intelligently and to a point. I said "many forum goers cannot complete a sentence" which is brought from seeing too many posts with just that. Many posts are a string of words and the phrases "*** wall of text" and "TL;DR" often meet those posts that are complete and thought out. A reply of too long, didn't read is not using one's brain.

You sir, have used yours.