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Id like to share this Beta guide written by Ibliss (Nyah).

The information is all general huttball strategy and should be mostly still relevant.

The "guides" were not allowed in the beta forums, but Ibliss did such a nice write up I saved it before the purge, but all credit for this write up guide goes to Ibliss/Nyah - enjoy:

My character's name is Nyah, a level 50 Juggernaut. I PvP the majority of my time in game now. The purpose of this guide is to cover some basic and not-so-basic aspects of Huttball so that everyone can at least be competitive when this warzone pops up. I think Huttball rewards teamwork and cunning the most.

1. Huttball is football. Your objective is to get the ball across the opposing team's goal line.

2. The opposing team's goal line is on the opposite side of the field. Do not take the ball toward your own goal. Look up at the lighting on the ceiling, you want to head toward the enemy team's colors.

3. The score board in the upper right has a round icon under each team's name. The team with the icon is the team who currently has possession of the ball. If the game runs out of time and the score is tied (even 0-0), last possession wins.

4. Possession of the ball transfers from one team to the other when the ball carrier dies and there is a player close enough to the ball at the time of death. Do not die with the ball. Passing the ball is the best way to avoid this. Passing is so important that it has its own section.

5. The player with the ball has a bright column of light on them. If your team does not have the ball, then you should be somewhere near the ball carrier. If you are off in a pit double or triple teaming someone that you really want dead, you're really not helping your team as much as you could be. Nyah often gets tripled or more but I really don't mind because it's taking pressure off of our ball carrier.

6. Hazzards. Hazzards are there to help you offensively and defensively. The fire wall is the most critical. Running through it places a DOT on you. It is not instant death if you have healing, use cooldowns, etc. Being knocked into the fire wall however is much more lethal. Fire walls are on timers. The fire wall that is up the longest will disappear the soonest. As you are running, pay attention to the firewalls that you will encounter, if you do, you'll know which direction to go.

7. There is an ability that you receive called Throw the Ball. It's an icon of a green ball. When you activate this ability, it places a targeted AoE on your mouse. Move the target icon so that it covers a team mate, then click again. The ball will pass to your team mate.

8. Do not die with the ball.

9. When out of combat you may use the standard sprint ability, even when you have the ball.

Throw the Ball
Throw the Ball should be on your hotbar by the time the match begins. If you do not see this icon do the following:
1. Open your abilities.
2. Go to the general tab
3. Drag it on to your hot bar.

The ball places a snare on you. This is a major incentive to pass.
1. The ball flies through the air much farther and faster than anyone can run with it.
2. Do not run in a cluster. Run ahead of of the carrier and pass to each other.
3. You run at full speed without the ball.

Throw the Ball has a 30m range. It cannot be used while you are stunned. It can be used to throw the ball to people on a higher or lower platform. This is very important.

If you place the target on a team mate it will pass to that player. If you place the target so that it does not overlap anyone, you will ground the ball. Grounding the ball forces it to reset in the center. You must not die with the ball in your possession otherwise the ball immediately goes to the closest enemy player.

When your team has the ball, the following should happen:
1. The ball carrier starts moving toward the enemy goal unless they are low on health. If they are low on health they should immediately pass before they are stunned and killed.

2. Sage/Sorcerer should shield the carrier and run with them. You want to heal the carrier and use your AoE knockback and stuns to keep pressure off the carrier. You have the ability to pull a team mate to you. For Sorcerers this ability is called Extrication, for Sages it is called Rescue. This should be used to pull the carrier back to you in case they get pulled away or knocked away.

A word on Extrication/Rescue
Many times players who are not very familiar with the game claim that a player without force leap somehow cheated to have force leap. Or they think one of their team mates has pulled the enemy carrier to a better position out of stupidity. What's happening is a Sage/Sorcer pulled their team mate to themselves with this ability.

3. The other team members should move ahead of the carrier so that they can receive the ball. Pass the Ball does not work well if you have no one to pass it to. It works extremely well when you pass the ball to someone who is already past a hazzard for a much quicker score.

4. Grounding the ball. If you are going to die and none of your team mates are in position, you should throw the ball to the ground. This will cause it to respawn in the middle. If your team is thinking and working as a team then they should see that you are in trouble. If they can't reach you or save you, they should already be heading to the middle to grab it. They should even tell you to ground it or you should tell them you are about to ground it. Do not die with the ball.

The people who are best at running the ball are the ones with force speed. Second best are people who are difficult to kill.
Other team members should NOT be killing random people. You should be killing the healers and doing all you can to impede, then kill the carrier.

1. Nothing is cheap or cheesy. Nothing. If you adopt this mindset you will have the proper killer instinct to win.

2. If your team does not have the ball, do all that you can to impede the carrier. Stun them, pull them out of position, snare them. Your secondary objective is to kill the carrier to get the ball back.

Assuming your team is working as a team, impeding the carrier gives your team mates time to come to your aid and focus down whoever needs to die first. Time is not on your side with game changing powers in play like Force Speed, Force Leap and Extrication. You can wipe out their whole team but if they get 6 points first they win.

Special Powers

a. Force Speed. This ability is king. You ignore the ball snare and seemingly most other snares. You can cover a lot of ground in a hurry. Time it with the hazzards and decide your path. You do not want to force speed and then have a wall come up. You force speed as the wall is going down, or speed through it if you have to.

b. Force Leap. This ability is not quite king but close. Platforms mean much less to you than anyone else. When you have the ball, look for people ahead of you in a place you want to go. Leap to them. This is especially helpful if you have been knocked into the pit or you are stuck behind a hazzard.

c. Extrication/Rescue. This ability is probably the next most powerful and in some circumstances, it is the most powerful. It allows a Sorcer/Sage to pull a team mate to themselves. Using this can be the difference between winning and losing. If you have this ability, you should always have your eye on the carrier. If he gets pulled back or knocked away, you can pull him right back from 30m away. 30m You can move to a better position if you are not under attack and suddenly bring the carrier to you.

"*PULLs*(name varies) This is a Assasin/Shadow/Vanguard/Powertech ability that pulls an enemy toward them. This can also be the difference between winning and losing if the carrier is not supported. Because this move is instant like Extrication, you can do some amazing things. For example, if you see the carrier heading to the goal, you can jump off a platform toward the pit, and pull the carrier in mid air while you still have line of sight. This will cause them to fall into the pit with you. At that point immediately choke them or stun them if you can. At this point their Sorcerer/Sage oftentimes won't have line of sight to Extricate them back since you're in the pit and platforms get in the way."

e. Overload. This ability is quite powerful because it's only on a 30 second cooldown. This is the AoE knockback that Sorcerers/Sages have. Position yourself so that your enemy is between you and the pit or you and a firewall or acid pool. Knocking people into a firewall is usually fatal. Knocking people into an acid pool followed by a stun is often fatal, but good players can usually survive this if they're not already low on health.

f. Force Push. This ability can mean the difference between a win or loss, primarily because of its range. If the carrier is coming, push them into a firewall and kill them. If they're about to cross the goal line, push them backward into the pit. This has a long cooldown (2 minutes) so while handy, it's nowhere near the power of Overload.

g. Chilling Scream. This ability is an AoE snare. You want to use this liberally to try and separate the assist train. You do not want them to have team mates to pass to. You do not want their AoE knockback person to be next to them because that nullifies melee. The farther away their help is, the less likely they'll get a peel.

h. Defending against Force Leap. If you are a ranged class that has to stand still to do a lot of damage, always put your foot on the edge of a platform or acid pool. Leap positions the player directly in front of you, which generally means they'll fall straight down off your platform or land in the acid. While the acid won't kill them, it will snare them, which is just as good.

g. Stun. As much as I hate being stunned to death, which tends to happen a lot, it's very effective. It's far better to stun a healer or a particularly dangerous player for a long time than to kill them. Time is not on your side when your team does not have the ball.

h. Tanking stances. If you are a Guardian, Juggernaut, Shadow or Assassin and you have the ball, you should consider immediately switching into your tanking stance. For example, Nyah has 43.3% damage reduction in tank stance and the added benefit of the shield.

i. Guard (tank ability). Guard the ball carrier. It's about as straightforward as that. If the other team knows anything about the game they should be focus firing the carrier and stunning as often as possible.

j. Intercept This is the level 50 Guardian/Juggernaut ability that allows you to leap to a team mate. Originally I was not going to add this because it takes more teamwork than I usually see to pull off. However, I was in a few matches with Unicron and he made it work. I would run ahead primarily for a pass, but he would just intercept to me with the ball. Works quite well and has the benefit of adding 20% reduction for 6 seconds so it's good to do for the carrier even if the travel aspect is not needed.

Closing thoughts
I have seen 3 people on a team combine 1 pass, Extricate and Force Speed to score in less than 20 seconds. Teamwork wins Huttball and it happens most often in premades. However, I hope that this information will raise the game even for PUGs so matches will be competitive for everyone.
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