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FIRST: This is not advocating that TOR continue to deny addons. This comes from seeing the MANY posts for addons and getting frustrated at the posters for how they ask for something.

#1: Keep in mind that the majority of players will never use addons. Even in WoW, more players just log on and play without a single addon than those that use them.

#2: To the "Then don't use them crowd": There are two things wrong with this argument, though it sounds good in theory. First, is that if addons are added, they will become required for raiding. This is because they're useful and end up helping. No problem there in my mind, just remember this when saying that not everyone has to use them. Second, most folks cite a few core addon needs but forget that if BW allows 3rd party addons, then all shapes and sizes of addons will come in. Many of which I'd bet BW is currently unprepared to deal with. People WILL try to exploit/bot/etc with addons if enabled. They exploit without them too, but its just something that will happen in MMO's. That crowd is very few people compared to the player base but I bring this up because this is something BW will be concerned with.

#3: "A lack of addons will help the bad players stay bad." Some addons can help so much in improving game play (I miss power auras) but my main issue with this argument returns to #1 in a way. Most the rather bad people are going to stay bad and never try to improve and along the same lines, most people concerned with improving will find ways to test it without addons if they have to. The addons are probably the most accurate way to cover this but it will not do anything for those that already don't care about getting told they're fail.

My request here? Look into your argument more when you make it. I use addons in WoW, I would use them if they come to TOR, but be a little more open than just screaming for them and screaming at anyone against you. Maybe there is a compromise that players can make with BW? Maybe we can get them to implement the core things we want into their UI, and continue to improve upon that as time goes on. Of course, this is all a pipe dream as many forum goers are lucky to complete a sentence correctly, but I will continue to dream because this fantasy land of people using their brains to achieve something is a very shiny place.
#1 speculation, dismissed.
#2 slippery slope fallacy, dismissed
#3 Strawman, no one is making that argument.

Try making some arguments that don't fall into obvious fallacies before requesting that people make informed arguments.