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Sorry to post about a normal quest chain but there doesnt appear to be a forum for normal quests.

I have completed all my clsss series and am now about to leave the planet. I did all the other quests along the way except the Heroic ones, but I have not been offered the bonus series.

Any idea where to find the NPC that starts this, I have run around for ages but have not located any quest starter.


Edit: Just found out its min level 28, doh..
The NPC is in the starport, but the problem with this bonus series, as well as the alderaan ones, is that they ask you to be several lvls higher than the rest of the map.

In the case of nar Shaddarh quests, they are lvl 31 quests, while tatooine (next map) initial quests are lvl 25.

The same will happen to you in Alderaan-Taris.

You can complete all Taris quests and Alderaan bonus will still be yellow or orange, depends on the level you end taris with, and taris is the next map.