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Minor point, and do agree being able to scale up the text would be most useful however, all of the text from the conversations also appears in the chat frame (at least for me), where it can be scaled larger and thus made more readable. Could even create another chat window just for this purpose.
It isnt just most usefull , my friend , who plays the game with myself , is partially sighted and well basically there are rules on this type of thing , so please sort it out a.s.a.p Bioware thank you.

Even I can't read any of the skill tree descriptions so i dont actually know what to chose on my characters. Also the point about the alien speak , tiny white text which flashes on the screen at light speed , you try reading it out to a partially sighted person , its impossible it doesnt even stay on screen long enough , was this tested at all ? Did your testers even read it out loud ? Fix both issues please , its ruining the fun of the game.

My friend to be added to the list is Darth-Geggz and myself.

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