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We had a good group of 15 people, ranging from 18 to 34 (lots of tanks and healers) and the boss on Coruscant smoked us in less than 1 minute. We used interrupts but most times they wouldn't work, which from what we ere told is NEEDED to stop his super attack.

If anyone has some good tips for taking him down, let me know as I seriously have a grudge with that big tin can!
A few of our guild (lvl 50s) did this on our server and invited a few lower levels around Coruscant, just to help them along with some nice loot. Everything was obviously easy for me as the tank as I was resisting every attack thrown at me, until I suddenly got 1 shotted by an unknown attack. 15k HP suddenly wiped. Seems he has an uninterruptable insta-kill nuke.
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