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I'm now healer specced cause its easier to find groups and in pvp i bring more to the group.

However, since i specced healer i have seen that i dont do my daily quests in Ilum anymore cause tbh doing them as a healer, it just goes painfully slow. Even with my dps companion who has good gear.

Well if i have to respec 2 times everyday well that just isnt reachable. It costs upwards of 40k credits per respec

Dual spec will help these players ALOT. This is just frustrating.

And it wont really happen anymore staying in the Imperial Fleet spamming need tank or healer for half an hour cause many people would then spec to the healer or tank.
I am so tired of people saying they NEED dual spec. No you do not.

I am an Commando, specced Healer. I love it. Yes it takes me longer to kill and complete dailies or any quest for that matter. Gues what it should take you longer to kill things. Your a healer.

Why people feel that they deserve dual spec is completely ridiculous. Quit saying we need it. Play the game as it was made and OMG enjoy it. If you want to kill things faster then maybe you should have been DPS specced and not a healer.