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Alright so I'm going to play SW:TOR (Pre-ordered last week) but generally don't know much about it, been playing WoW for 6 years now and really want to get into raiding in another game (or Operations?).

Got a few questions though, please don't refer me to google :

1. Is there any reputation you can get, if so: Are there any raiding reputations?

2. There's heroic difficulty in heroics/raids (flashpoints/operations?)

3. Is Rebel Alliance (which I want to be) empty? I hear from everyone theyre going Sith (Inquisitor).

4. Guild levels, perks etc. etc.? And guild achievements?

5. Any points (aka Valor Points or JP) to spend on gear? Are these easy to obtain?

6. Is there any class close to the WoW Shadowpriest or Restodruid?

7. Can you make weapons look a bit more custom? I mean it's just lightsabers and blasters.

8. Racial abilities/perks? +1% crit bonus etc. etc.?

9. Raiding (Operation) attunements?

10. Can I roll both Sith and Rebel on the same server?

11. Anyone want to recommend a nice server with mainly people from the UK and western europe? (generally tend to speak English a tad better, no offense)

12. What do you think of Smuggler Scoundril Healer specced?

Thanks for the help and hope to see you ingame. If you want to play with me or whatever just send me a PM.

-- Ray

1) Not as far as I know, although I could be wrong.

2) There are multiple difficulty levels, yes

3) Pass

4) Not yet. Guilds are still quite basic right now. More is likely to come

5) There are planetary commendations at all levels to spend on gear, as well as social points to spend on fluff items.

6) Sawbones Scoundrel has been likened to Resto Druid at the mo'. Can't say for certain about SPriest, although the Sage/Sorcerer may have a DoT tree, don't quote me on that

7) There are color options, but I'm not sure there's much else for customization.

8) All racial perks are social. In other words, no stat bonuses.

9) No attunements AFAIK

10) Yes, although I don't know about PvP servers.

11) North American here, can't give you any help, sorry.

12) I'm planning on that build myself, actually. From what I hear, it's all about energy conservation and HoTs. Sounds like a little bit of a learning curve, but I think I've played enough healing classes to be up for the challenge