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01.04.2012 , 08:08 AM | #1
As my group gets ready to do some raiding, we're trying to figure out our tank situation.

I've watched Hardmode runs of both Eternity Vault and the Hutt palace boss, both seem like one tank instances (or no tank in the case of the Rancor boss).

The first two bosses of Eternity Vault look like one tank fights (assuming your group AoEs down the adds during lava boss). The third "boss" looked doable as long as the weakside group (i.e. the side without the real tank) is on the ball. Fourth boss is a PvP event, no tank needed. Finally Soa also looked like a one tank fight.

Maybe there were some tank switch mechanics in there that I was missing, but the group doing the run mentioned several times that their second tank was mostly unnecessary.