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With raid attunements I mean keys to open raids, like for example the key you need to get
through questing to get Karazhan open etc. etc.

Just have to be level 50. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Operations that are released later on require a small prerequisite quest chain... just makes sense really, but with the smaller group sizes, it won't be nearly as much of a hassle as WoW was.

Sorry for not knowing what the ''good guys'' are called, I've got no interest in SW itself or the lore, I'm hoping the game will invoke that What are the factions officially called anyways?

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire

Another question: Are there going to be ''legendary'' like items that you get from doing a long long long quest? Or any super-long quest chains that give you something special (like Ahn'Qiraj for example)

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