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01.04.2012 , 06:31 AM | #6
One of the things I love about playing swtor is that after installing it on a PC, I have only like 30 seconds worth of configuration to do before playing since there are no addons to be concerned with.

The only real issue I'm finding is that click targeting needs to work better (too easily keeps targeting the mob right in front of me.. think the click window for mobs is way to large or something, there needs to be a target of target, and some abilities need to feel more responsive. For instance, the "break out of cc" ability seems to take a moment to take effect.. making it initially tough to know whether it actually worked or not. As for the first two things, that's to make tanking a bit smoother. The target clicking thing is really annoying and many areas aren't big enough for zooming out to be a reasonable option around it. Tab targeting is fine sometimes, but sometimes I want to specifically target certain targets.