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1. Is there any reputation you can get, if so: Are there any raiding reputations?


2. There's heroic difficulty in heroics/raids (flashpoints/operations?)


3. Is Rebel Alliance (which I want to be) empty? I hear from everyone theyre going Sith (Inquisitor).

No such thing as the Rebel Alliance.

4. Guild levels, perks etc. etc.? And guild achievements?

Yes. (Eventually)

5. Any points (aka Valor Points or JP) to spend on gear? Are these easy to obtain?

Commendations, and yes.

6. Is there any class close to the WoW Shadowpriest or Restodruid?

Sage or Sorceror I guess... but it's not an exact match.

7. Can you make weapons look a bit more custom? I mean it's just lightsabers and blasters.

There's tons of different weapon appearances.

8. Racial abilities/perks? +1% crit bonus etc. etc.?

Just fluffy social skills (extra dance, unique regen, companion slap, a salute, etc.

9. Raiding (Operation) attunements?


10. Can I roll both Sith and Rebel on the same server?

Yes, but they aren't called Rebels.

11. Anyone want to recommend a nice server with mainly people from the UK and western europe? (generally tend to speak English a tad better, no offense)

No idea, sorry.

12. What do you think of Smuggler Scoundril Healer specced?

They're really good.
Thanks for the help man,

With raid attunements I mean keys to open raids, like for example the key you need to get through questing to get Karazhan open etc. etc.

Sorry for not knowing what the ''good guys'' are called, I've got no interest in SW itself or the lore, I'm hoping the game will invoke that What are the factions officially called anyways?

Another question: Are there going to be ''legendary'' like items that you get from doing a long long long quest? Or any super-long quest chains that give you something special (like Ahn'Qiraj for example)

Thanks for the quick response!
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