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This sounds fine.
50k credits an hour is good but not fantastic. Questing/grinding at 50 I made 250,000 credits in 3 hours last night.

Its also something you as an operative can do, but perhaps not all classes. Given there are like 2 operatives with half a brain on any server its not a big deal.
It is a tad more than that though, If you can do 3 speed runs an hour and sell everything.

Those 50k credits were the pure cash part of the bounty. If I'd sell everything to a vendor, add maybe 20k more x 3 = 210k an hour potentially + commendations. At level 41.

And I am not sure how other fp's compare to that. Might be there are even better ones.

But yeah, I don't know how much you'll make at 50.

I think it's a tad too easy though; being able to solo a fp 8 levels below you without much of a hassle. Also because of this passive:

"Energy Screen
Dodging or resisting an attack restores 1 energy. In addition, Cloaking Screen no longer reduces healing dealt and received."

Group fights 8 levels below me are complete dodge-fests; it translates in a continuous stream of energy making the fights even easier.

Anyway; if credits are only a concern until you kitted yourself out with everything at 50 it might be not much of a problem. Swtor seems a bit less hampered by the importance of your ingame bankroll compared to say, WOW.

But it is imbalanced compared to other means of income at my level.