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Yes, Boarding Party as well as Foundry, Directive 7, Battle of Ilum, and False Emperor have a similar amount of dialogue as Black Talon. The flashpoints that the people in this thread have been complaining about are the ones that were added in due to the fact that the jump from BT to Boarding Party would be 15-20 levels where there is no appropriate leveled instance. I would rather have the extra flash points with less interactions/story-telling than to go from easy mode 2 man Black Talon to Boarding Party.
Pretty much this. The flashpoints start to pick up in terms of both dialogue and difficulty once you hit boarding party. The foundry in particular has some very interesting dialogue and boss characters. And the boarding party has some fairly difficult boss fights compared to the FPs that came before it.

But I agree what somebody else said about BT. You can only go through that dialogue so many times before it gets old and considering BT is a heroic FP that can be done as part of the daily you will be running that place a lot and all that dialogue just slows things down. Its awesome the first couple times you run it at lvl 10 but come lvl 50 it gets old.