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Ok... Here's the thing. I'm a biochem, but I didn't go that for myself. I went for my guild.

Now, it's annoying to not be able to pass out reusable stims, but the funny thing I noticed is that the blue ones are actually BETTER than the reusable ones. This is where is evens out. As a biochem, I will never use a blue stim, because I am addicted to constantly having myself stimmed up. But my guildmates will have a larger boost when we do raids/ PvP/ endgame PvE than me becasue I will make them blue stims/ lvl 400 purples (which are better) because that's my job. They supply me some operating money, I spend all my time getting excess supplies to have stims that are better than what I use. They will be better off than me.

As long as you have a dedicated crafter in the guild (or a few) who you supply with money from time to time, you will be better off than any Biochem user under most circumstances.
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