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Hi there!

Stephen Reid has already posted about this issue in this thread:

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Hello all,

The Live Services and development teams are aware of the reports on this issue, and we're investigating. We'll take appropriate action against any players who are found to be exploiting the game in any way.

Thanks for your patience while we look into the issue.
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Hey all - while we have no definitive update on this yet (that'll come tomorrow, I hope, after our investigation concludes) I did want to point out one important thing.

There have been some suggestions of characters running around on servers in the 30-40 range today. We have the metrics here, and the highest level character as of 30 minutes ago is considerably lower level than that.

Again, we take this seriously, and we're looking to see if this is an exploit that we need to rectify - but don't let rumor and speculation run too rampant.

In the interest of consolidating discussion, we have closed this thread and ask that you use the one linked above for any further discussion about this issue. Thank you!