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I solood a few flashpoints which I still needed to do tonight. Here's a quick overview of what a single, 45ish minute, run of Boarding Party (level 33) yielded me as a level 41 Operative: (it can be done faster when you don't care about the bonus quests and just go for chests and bosses, but even with completing the quest and bonus objectives I save time by sneaking past a lot of the trash).
  • 8 non-boss chests (one with very good drops)
  • all bosses
  • random quest objective mob drops
  • completion

  • around 50k in credits
  • 3k in greens
  • 4 bop oranges (to kit out my companions with or just sell for even more cash)
  • 2 boe blues for the AH
  • 1 purple crafting mission
  • a nice stack of Taris commendations (a few runs for a purple chest at the vendor)
  • still a nice chunk of xp for completing the missions (not sure if I will out-level that though)
  • 100 alignment points

i.e. To say it was worth my while is kind of an understatement At least compared to normal questing or selling armstech crafted gear, which I normally do to make some cash.

But I do think it's kind of unbalanced and that's why I am putting it out here. I had fun doing the runs though but it feels a lot like farming seeing how little risk or effort is involved and locks you in a solo area, rather than doing stuff with other people. I also think this could hurt the economy depending on whether you can run it indefinitely or not. (I'm a bit of a flashpoint noob). If so, I can imagine people doing speed runs of maybe 20 minutes continuously.

Unbalanced or not? Your thoughts?
This sounds fine.
50k credits an hour is good but not fantastic. Questing/grinding at 50 I made 250,000 credits in 3 hours last night.

Its also something you as an operative can do, but perhaps not all classes. Given there are like 2 operatives with half a brain on any server its not a big deal.