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01.03.2012 , 06:17 PM | #18
This boss is fine, honestly after you have some gear on your dps its pretty easy. Some things I have learned from it:
1. If you kill main boss and wipe your instance bugs and you can't enter (quest completes but you didn't kill boss)

How to do the fight:

- Have tank pick up healer/main boss
- Your 2 dps take the guy on the left (melee) and dps him til death like 40 meters away from the other bosses. This causes the main boss to not throw grenades on them and heals don't reach him.
- Healer should be able to out range bombs as well if tank is positioned properly but even then it is fine. Tank can guard the healer.
- I'm a Sith Jugg, I maintain aggro on the main guy with my splash and a few hits off the start then I switch to the healer full time dpsing him and interrupting heals (especially important if the melee decides to charge you).
- With my groups pretty good dps I can get the healer to around ~75% after the first guy dies we switch to healer. He dies really quick especially with interrupts
- After healer dies switch to main guy, you probably won't beat the enrage and the first grenade will kill who it targets (non tank). Your tank should have quite a few CDs ready for this to survive a decent amount. Just dps through it and kill him.
- A few nice reminders: Don't group up especially if you have all range. The grenade hitting one person is not a huge deal especially when only one boss is up. The problem is when all 3 people get hit.
- My group tried this place when both dps and healer hit 50 that day with no gear and kept wiping to enrage. When we came back the next day with more gear it was fine. (1 wipe maybe)
- GL!