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If he had been raised by the Jedi since birth as was usually done during that era he would never have formed the attachments that drove him to kill the sandpeople or allowed Palpatine to manipulate him.

As for Padme... what personally bothers me the most about her story is when she dies during childbirth. While it is completely plausible that a woman could die from complications during childbirth (not to mention that Anakin force-choked the crap out of her just before), they explicitly state that she died for no reason at all.

To respond to the original question, yes I do think that as a child he was rather innocent. I think Lucas intended to show that it was his emotional attachments to his mother and Padme that caused his shift toward the dark side.
They are never raised from birth they raised from the ages of 6 - 10 years olds older then that and they can think for them self and get harder to train.