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One fix I'm thinking for HM BP is limiting the blast radius of the boss's grenade spam. That's what's killing people most of the time and forcing healers to hesitate because their heals put them within the blast zone. Why not just add 10m to heals from Operatives ( at least, not sure what Sorcerers specced with heals can range to ) so there's more of survival chance?

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Revan and Boarding party are killable:

-To kill Boarding Party bosses you can do what we did; Kill Engineer then the commander, you will get quest completed and get your token, chest will be un-lootable however.
We have tried to kill this boss in the correct order and on top of the chest with no luck but one of our hard mode groups actually managed to loot it somehow.
So what you're saying is glitch the game to get commendation credit. Well I kind of want my Unassembled Frontline Force Mainhand Lightsaber dang it. I think it's a terrible strategy but so far the only one to work for a fairly decent group. This is the problem, one shouldn't have to glitch the game to beat this FP - it needs to be fixed. Either the Commander's grenades need to get toned down or heal range needs to get boosted.