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01.03.2012 , 05:36 PM | #11
You can't spell community without fleet channel 1 filled with mindless LFG messages!

It's becoming more and more difficult to take anything the "no feature X!" crowd blurt out seriously.

The quest pickup system is also quite terrible, both boarding party and the foundry are a pain to get quests for the first time around, involving you picking up this, then dropping that.

Considering both hm flashpoints are bugged, it's probably a blessing in disguise..

The features that that "other" mmo put in were put there to make the lives of players less stressful after many years of feedback. Shunning those features is fine, denying them to others because you had bad anecdotal experiences is not.

It's fine to lobby against cross server LFG, but at least moderate yourselves and settle for a in-server LFG system that allows for proper queuing and possibly automatic quest giving+shuttle to the area.