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Hi SoNoFud,

To be honest I have not tried to sell any gear yet, My guild is pretty tight knit so anything I have "spare" is going to them. Most of the time I am reverse engineering anything I make for mats and new schematics. I am assuming there will come a "break even" point when I can craft some gear to sell.

I will be honest, I have sacrificed a lot of credits in pushing my crafting skills. I am not a min/maxer and I do not Zerg, so my Credit balance is always low. I have made a deliberate choice on my Armormech crafter to spend the credits on crafting, so I have no speeder and have yet to pass lvl 40 as I am spending a lot of time gathering/crafting and sending companions on missions.

I tend to be a bit of a completionist in games, so my Armormech crafter is more designed around maximising the crafting abilities so I can eventually have every schematic at every level (Yes I am insane). Whether that will lead to making credits off the trade market later in the game I don't know. Chances are, anything I make will be ploughed back into materials for more crafting LOL.

On a larger note, from my experience in MMO's, the global market will fluctuate a lot over the next few months and then probably settle into a standard high inflationary model. Until we have that cross server stability, it is hard to put any kind of reliable price model on crafted gear.

I think we all have to wait and see