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01.03.2012 , 04:20 PM | #20
Thank you so much for the guide; there's a lot of good points in here and I can't wait to try them out.

One uber-noob question, though; how exactly do you throw the ball? I have tried to do this on more occasions than I can easily count and have never successfully done so. I have the "Throw the Huttball" ability mapped to a key and have even pressed the button with the mouse. I've manually selected one of my team mates to try and specifically throw it to them. No dice.

Given the comment earlier by EscVelocity (thanks for that as well; great idea) is this something that requires that a team mate be "open" and a fair distance away from any enemy? That would make sense, but otoh, I've never even been able to attempt a pass (i.e., the ball never leaves my hands no matter what I do). I'd think if the team mate was not open, the ball would be intercepted.

Do I need to target a team mate to throw the ball?