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I've been level 50 for almost a week and I'm finding the complete lack of any attempt at a system for finding groups to be completely inexcusable.

The game has some great single player content, but I would like to run Hard Modes and see some of the other crap in the game. Problem? I can't. I have been 50 for almost a week and have never once found a group for anything. Let's look at traditional methods to find groups:

LFG/Queue System - Does not exist, except for Warzones. Oversight?
Multi-zone/World Chat - Does not exist.
High level chat - Does not exist.

All I can do is sit around Carrick Station typing "LFG anything level 50" and at most find 1 other person who's interested, but never enough to actually do something. Fail. Epic fail.

End game is a disaster/non-existent unless you're in a raiding guild or you only want to PvP. Am I missing something? I am starting to hate this game, despite how good some of it is.
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