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From my understanding, Padme's body was at a stage of extreme exhaustion but technically has all the working parts to recover. However, with the equally extreme stress factors, the body simply refused to operate even though she was "perfectly healthy."

I don't like the retcon of Leia getting a "Force impression" of her mother, so when Luke asks her about her biological mother in Episode VI, she can answer with memories from when she was "very young." "Very young," while can include infancy, usually implies a later stage of childhood development.

At the end of Episode III, however, there is a recently converted Dark Lord of the Sith and the one woman in the entire galaxy who can quickly change him back with a few more batted eyelashes, which would destroy the need for the Original Trilogy. Therefore, you can either completely wipe out everything we know about the strong, courageous political leader, Padme Amidala, by having her run and hide with one of the children, even though she still "sees good in him," or you can only slightly damage her courageous attribute by having her die under extreme conditions.

As to the question about Anakin's nature before his fall, it should be noted that the Prequel Trilogy is completely about Anakin's fall, so, naturally, the movies are going to focus on his darker side. The books and even the Clone Wars project show many more situations where it is easier to understand him as the Great Hero of the Republic rather than the whiny boy who can't control his mood swings.