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With addons in place, you start paying attention to the numbers and your performance instead of just playing and enjoying the game. They drain the fun out of a form of entertainment. That is why casual players don't enjoy them.
But that's really no reason to constantly QQ about Addons ...

I get that baddies don't want to know they are bad.

I get that baddies don't want other folks to know they are bad.

I even get that baddies don't want to be better at all ... they are fine just being bad.

What I don't get is somehow the baddies actually think that with no mods or add-ons they will somehow slip below the radar and get carried by the goods? Really? It's one thing to be Bad, but this sort of thinking takes a person from being Bad to being downright STUPID.

The reality is that is SWTOR doesn't allow any form of UI modifications, any form of macros (mouse over healing anybody?), or any form of meters (hello, where is our combat log at least) then this game will not garner the long term subs that other MMO's do.

So, I doubt *nothing* is going to be BW's stance on those subjects. They might not allow full blown mods, but to not allow even a "mouse over" option for abilities? to not even have a combat log? No, you don't spend this much on a game and allow those simple need to go unmet.