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My biggest issue is that even for myself, I would like to choose an orange armor set I like the look of and use the mods from my pvp gear in it. The problem is, the pvp gear gives special attack bonuses which only work if I am wearing that armor set (at least 2 or 4 pieces of it). I am hoping the devs make a solution in the future to make our skill class worthwhile. I was thinking of just respec'ing to something else but I think ill just stick with it for now and use and alt for another skill.

In the meantime, I had posted a thread regarding pricing strategy. As you mentioned in your post, the resource cost can be quite expensive. How are you setting a price on the market - for instance, on my server there doesn't seem to be much competition. I have been focusing on purples and there is simply no other armormechs posting these on GTN. Do you have a formula or anything or just kinda guestimating?
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