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01.03.2012 , 01:31 PM | #9
To say that all the bosses have been beaten many times is fairly rhetorical. Most of the evidence we have of this are videos where they were in beta or other simulated scenarios, not in production.

Reports I'm seeing are that this fight is, in essence, a controlled wipe scenario where the main tank is destined to die, and the only way through is simply burning him down as quickly as possible and hope that enough people don't die before you manage to dps him to oblivion.

Whether it's possible or not, the fight's mechanics are generally .. silly. Without predictable hokey pokey to "figure out", it is simply a combination crap-shoot and gear check, with far more significance weighted on the crap-shoot side of things rather than the gear check side of things. Skill beyond maximizing your dps spec and mashing cooldowns exactly when they're supposed to be is.. irrelevant in this fight.

My guild group is exceptionally geared, and cleared the instance without significant resistance until Revan, where we basically hit a brick wall.

Without tactical options available to us other than "dps faster" the fight is ludicrous. The fight makes the instance a waste of time and resources, and until it is reviewed we will be focusing on more well-crafted content.