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2. Also i have nothing against them showing his attachments but they said in on of the original movies it was obiwan i think he said "he was a noble jedi knight seduced by the dark side" Im not really sure i can agree with that due to fact he really was lead by no one but him self and his emotions. The way he said it in originals made it sound like sith lord did it when he already did lots evil stuff fin episode 2.
Watch Episode 3 again.

He did not give in to the dark side on his own. He was corrupted by Darth Sidious.
The stuff he did in Episode 2 was pretty dark yes, but It wasn't caused by his desire for power. It was revenge for what the sand people did to his mother. While in Episode 3 all the evil stuff he does, I.E. kill the younglings, murder the Seperatist leaders, choke Padme and fight Obi-Wan (more or less in that order) was all because he believed he needed the full power of the dark side to save his wife.
That's the seduction, Sidious made him believe the Dark Side was the path he needed to take.

I think it is already very clear that most people(including me) dont like that anakin was a whiny brat in the prequal's while vadar was accauly competent.
I think you phrased that wrong. Anakin was whiny yes, but he was in no way incompetent. In fact he was probably more competent in Episode 3 than Vader ever was.