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01.03.2012 , 12:55 PM | #1
Ok, normally I just take what is given for a flashpoint but I have to say something about Athiss.

Five times now that I have run Athiss with various groups there has never once been an item a Gunslinger/Scoundrel/Smuggler could use. Every single item was trooper or jedi based. I can understand once or twice but five seperate times?

Something is wrong with the loot table here. Shouldn't the loot table at least offer 1 item per class running it or something like that? I'm not saying give me a full decked-out gunslinger set of items. Just 1 item please!

I work as hard as the other players in the groups running it, so why shouldn't I get at least 1 item I can use?

Regardless, I will still run it as people ask for help running it. After all, community is what ToR is all about right?