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Let me preface this by saying that I am sure these questions have been asked and perhaps answered, with varying degrees of specificity, in other places on this forum and the internet. I have a battery of related questions that I hope people answer or direct me to a source which can, like an existing guide or article. I've brought them together here for ease of consumption.

Here we go:

What are the pve and pvp loot tiers, in order from lowest to highest?

What is the dungeon progression as it relates to tiers of pve gear? For example, what places do I go to get the first tier of pve endgame loot. Where to after I have completed tier 1? Etc.

Possibly tied in with the first two questions, where does loot from Hard Mode versions of early FPs (eg: Black Talon) fit in with the tiers?

What is the actual endgame pve loot mechanic? I keep hearing something about loot bags mixed with commendations.

How does endgame pvp gear compare to endgame pve gear?

Where does Ilum fit into all of this?

I think this covers a lot of the questions most people have when the reach 50 with respect to gear and the end game. If no sticky/guide exists, I hope that we can create a community resource.