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because somebody like you or aka "THAT GUY" would go around killing off all their companions, the QQ to a game master about how you can't do nothing, soBW has to spoon feed and hold your hand, through out the game cause other people like you and "THAT GUY", killed off their companions, and purposely ruined an aspect of the game that was implement. If you wanted this option to stay you should have a talk with "THAT GUY" so stuff like this in the future won't happen. Thank you for playing.
This is untrue. There's many players who won't mind being down a companion or two. You automatically assume the original poster would regret it. I find this assumption to be ridiculous considering he's replacing Quinn already due to not wanting him for his actions. Either way he's already without Quinn so what difference does it make if he's dead? He's also not asking for a way to kill off all his companions just the ones in which it makes sense for his character.

His character was stabbed in the back. He's 100% Dark Side. Why would he let him live? Note I'm a Light Sith and didn't want to kill him but I do see the original posters point. Not to mention some of us have come from hardcore games where you're punished harshly for mistakes and.. we loved said games. Just because some people need hand holding doesn't mean we all do.