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01.03.2012 , 09:21 AM | #1
So, in the Sith Warrior story, you get Malavai Quinn right? Well, low and behold, he BETRAYS you. And what does BioWare force you to do? FORGIVE HIM and let hims till tag along. I'm sorry, but this was the first time I felt the story crafted by BW really betrayed my character. He's 100% Darkside, true blood Sith. Never made a single light choice and hit Dark 5 before hitting level 40.

I understand Quinn is a companion, and kind of a major one at that, but I sure as hell wanted to kill him! I don't care I'd be down one companion, there's no freaking way my character would allow him to live! At least give us the choice (marked EXTREMELY clearly for those "special" players) to do what we want, until that point, BW had crafted a wonderful story with plenty of choices to craft your character. Now it just feels forced. The story, dialogue, and voice acting are what set this game apart, this just broke one of those stories!

So now, to play my character how I want him to be, I've got to see if upgrading my little droid can replace Quinn as my healer. Not cool BioWare, not cool.