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01.03.2012 , 08:17 AM | #30
Ok, so why so much hate towards biochem guys ? Bored at work ?
Everyone here did their homework about how things work in this game?

Biochem crafters trade easy $ from slicing/cool epic armours/ epic weapons/ crystals,mods and
->Cybertech REUSABLE AOE CC BOMBS, epic mounts and loads of fun items<-

... free heal every 90 sec, that only counts in open pvp 1v1 /2v2 becouse in wz it doesnt make ANY differance in the long run. Every one can buy non-reusable version from vendor.
Also, till level 50, reusable healing potions are useless, they are to weak compared to pvp potions and health boost from wz.
(2k-3k heal is equal to normal heal from any healing spell in wz's)
PVP potions from daily q are better than most potions till rakata meds(and i dont know anyone so far who got em).

...Adrenal Stims ? U lost a duel becouse someone got (for instance) 5% crit every 3 min for 15 sec... 580 seems alot... but at 50 lvl its around 14% crit for 15 sec ...GAME BREAKING...U did check relic's uses and stats it can give?

...Stat Stim boost (just like wows flasks)
Differance is around 30-50 damage on skill

Test it Yourself then please call for nerfs. Theyll come anyway...