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Revan and Boarding party are killable:

-To kill Boarding Party bosses you can do what we did; Kill Engineer then the commander, you will get quest completed and get your token, chest will be un-lootable however.
We have tried to kill this boss in the correct order and on top of the chest with no luck but one of our hard mode groups actually managed to loot it somehow.

-Revan can be killed ONLY if you have an assassin in your party:
DPS Revan as normal to 50% this is when he will do his 1st Lightning Storm, keep bruning him down.
-At around 30% or 10seconds after he finishes his Storm cast your assassin needs to Grab aggro and pop his "shield wall" (the spell that lasts 3seconds).
-Revan will channel Lightning Strike (this is the ability that 1-shots), interrupt it and DPS him down.
-Revan will 1-shot 2 people shortly after, no way to deal with this unless you have a 2nd Assassin.
-Bring Revan to 11% wait untill he does his 2nd Lightning Storm AOE.
- As soon as his storm ends burn him down to 4% and prey the script triggers correctly.
Just did it, when he popped his shield, iv put my pet on passive and stopped attacking him. Script triggered and Revan exploded.
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