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What on Earth makes you think you're entitled to anything beyond what you agreed to?
Er... nothing?

You agreed to the following: between now and the 19th.
Yep, no complaints about whenever I get in... just a request to learn now when it will be. In the last beta weekend test, my time started on Saturday, and that was fine. I knew well in advance.

Why not do the same for access? I'll then happily go off and do other things before my date comes, then see if I can plan a day off for when it does.

Everyone at B&N got their copy of Harry Potter. But at one store, even the wait was a good experience. They didn't have more books - just a better plan.

You have absolutely no case whatsoever.
My 'case' is two suggestions:
  • For Early Access - send the invites now, even the ones that won't activate for days, just as Bioware did with beta.
    Waiting is much easier when you know what to expect.
  • For launch: restore a one-week grace period for anyone who preordered, so everyone has access on launch day.
    Let us all play together. If EA insists on holding the CE for later delivery, then don't let the box determine the play date.
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