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01.03.2012 , 07:40 AM | #4
Looks like an opportunity to add our encountered bugs and shenanigans also!

Boss 1:

You can LOS the turrets by just going down the hill.....someone dies all you have to do is los the turrets and wait, get back to full health and go again. Same thing for the boss after 10%.

Boss 2:

Does not reset and will continue to kill people by pouncing.

Boss 3:

Puzzles will sometimes stop letting you click the keypad, no matter how you do them.
We were unable to loot any items other than the crystals and commendations

Boss 4:

One of our members kept getting the destiny debuff fighting his own mob

Boss 5:

Made it all the way to the bottom twice just to have the tank get mind trapped and the boss reset to the top leaving the raid at the bottom.

Other random things:

Randomly dieing while flying on the speeder
Unable to scavange certain mobs though marked as such
Auto looting BOP items is silly
Not allowing master looters to give loot out on normal (works on HM)

It's more of a challenge of patience on how to get around the bugs more so than difficult content.