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01.03.2012 , 07:12 AM | #3
We were able to do this last night after about 10+ attempts, all of the others bosses in here (including the optional) were one shotted and pretty much a joke. The strat we used was to spread the group out, such that the commanders grenade launchers aoe did not hit multiple people. We then proceeded to kill the (forgive me i forget all of their names) melee mob first that was putting the shield on the commander, then the medic and then the commander. As stated above the commanders enrage is a joke, however the medic's is not, the medic will just about shot someone. the problem we encountered was that even after the melee mob was dead the commander bugged out and kept his sheild. at this point we had to do extremely light dps on him and my self as the healer and the sorc had to heal the 2 dps. The chest also did not open for us which is nuts, we submitted a ticket, hope to hear back in a few days. All in all, i would not suggest the fight right now as it is still buggy and you have a pretty good chance of not getting any loot.