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01.03.2012 , 06:50 AM | #1
I am just looking for different strategies on this (Maybe an easier one?).

We use this one with my group, which is relatively silly but it works for us.

I (tank) Pull Massey and the Commander, the 2 dps and the healer head to the Medic and start DPS'n them. I pull the commander back in the hallway to keep him and his idiotic shield and grenades as far away from the others as possible. His damage is laughable. (I basically solo him and run to the railing when I need a heal)

Massey just ping pongs between me and the group far away. Once the Medic is dead the group focuses on Massey and by then Commander is near dead anyways.

His enrage is a joke so we just healed through it.

We have yet been unable to kill them all where they start without this. Damage is to high to the group due to the Commander's Buff.

All in all though I loved this fight, Probably the "hardest" of the flashpoint bosses.