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You know, in the original Star Wars movies, even though I was a fan of the Empire, I kind of felt bad for Alderaan. They kind of got blown up because of a really poor choice in judgement from Princess Leia and a moff that got up on the wrong side of the bed.

At least that's what I thought until I went to Alderaan in the game.

Frankly, I've never been to a planet that had more insufferable pipsqeak nobleman in all my life. Everyone is a whiny nincompoop that runs around polishing their ill gotten titles and complaining about the rope they are hung on.

Seriously, is this an inside joke by the developers?

After a brief stint on the planet you'll know what I mean. Vader and Tarkin did the universe a small favor by blowing that place to kingdom come.
I am just glad that I wasn't the only one thinking this. Kinda makes you wish that there was a crew skill that let you craft a death star now... even if it only had one shot, I know right where that bad boy would be aimed.
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