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How is that it breaks the game ? You can *buy* the same item with the same cooldown at a vendor, except it is gone each time you use it.

So all you get with the reusable stim and med , is that you spare money on the long run. on the short run you actually lose money as you have to pay for a lot of diplo mission to get the purple mats.

Actually , for the number of time I had to use medpack , and stim pack (mostly instance, as for levelling you rarely need them), I could simply have kept my blue one instead of reversing them to get the purple recept, and got enough out of them to keep playing without reusing med/stim.
so true.

112 diplomacy missions, no purple mats yet..... thats what? 13k of missions at low level, hate think of the cost at max.....omg really hate to think of it...