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01.03.2012 , 06:40 AM | #9
I did a PUG Eternity Vault last night with WAY more success (4/5) than trying to do a HM on the Empire side. The only HM that's doable is Black Talon. Boarding Party, Illum, Foundry...

These bugs need to be fixed. Eternity Vault is a trial to complete in itself. Not because the bosses are difficult, but because it's so damn buggy. The first boss wouldn't spawn, so we had to run our and reset the instance. The 2nd boss was bugged, and 1 shotting ppl outside the instance, so we had to reset again, and re-clear the trash.

3rd boss went well, except after we looted the chest, it never despawned, and therfore we had to make the run from the previous speeder landing zone every time aftr a wipe.

4th boss (council) had to be reset, because after engaging 1 time, they were locked on that target regardless of wipe.

I am really enjoying this game, but the state of bugs and gameplay (ability delay) is quite disappointing. I really hope they fix this soon. The game has alot of potential, but patience in todays gaming is not abundant.
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