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According to the EULA:

"It is also strictly prohibited to use any third-party software or any other device with a view to modifying the Software in any way, intercepting or scanning Game traffic or communications, changing the way the Game plays or playing in an abnormal manner or in a way that could impair the correct operation of the Game. Such prohibited third party software or devices can include, but are not limited to, those in the nature of "addons", "hacks", "cheats", "trainers", "mods", or the like by any name. "

This is very specific as to what types of third party software is usable, or developable for that matter. I wanted to know what I am permitted to use and develop; namely, if i create an addon that modifies memory in such a way that DOES NOT monitor network packets, nor make the game playable in a way that is a "cheat," such as automated actions that are normal, would that be okay since that is not outlined in this clause in the EULA?

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