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Just wait till you see Cademimu. We did it at the recomended level, our 2 DPS got d/c, and I tanked the boss with a healer. The 2 of us downed it no problem at all.

This game is insultingly easier than WoW, BioWare treat us like we were special kids that found WoW challenging....
Oh, I did see Cademimu... I accidentally died along with our tank, and the healer + damage dealer finished off the boss.

Though the Athiss last boss takes the cake in terms of cheesy, bland mechanics.

Yet that's where my question comes in: why?

Black Talon was fun, had plenty of conversations and the boss fight, while not particularly long, had huge knockback regularly, which really made for a dynamic feeling battle. And that was a bloody padawan.

Back when I was first doing it I felt that it was just an intro to the kind of dungeons they were going to do, that they were going to expand on the kind of flashpoint Black Talon is and multiply and improve the kind of experience provided there in the flashpoint that come after...

But they didn't. Instead they didn't bother adding any conversations except a lonesome moral choice somewhere in the middle and made the boss mechanics totally bland, boring and unchallenging.
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