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01.03.2012 , 02:45 AM | #6
BP is little more than a healing/dps check. The actual strat is very simplistic. My group clears is on first or second try each day. I have good gear, average 130 rating or so stuff. But most others in my group are like 115-120 rating gear and we still make it work. The commander might hit enrage at the end but if you same defense cds for that moment you can finish off at least 5% or so right then. Mostly you just have to have perfect positioning for melee dps so tank dont get splashed by commander aoe and your healer should be able to keep up.

As far as the foundry bug, yeah, its stupid. It seems like they just added an extra 0 onto the dmg. I am annoyed that these things could not have been tested properly for them to be rolled out as they are. Give it a month and a lot of it will be gone I am sure. If the flashpoints are different on each side it is inevitable there will be some imbalance in how many are perfectly tuned. The game still has that new game smell though, give it time.