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So I've been playing since early access and have done five or six flashpoints by now I believe.

I play the Empire, so the first flashpoint I got to do was Black Talon, which was... FUN.

It was great. It had a dynamic feel to it, it had plenty of conversation options with plenty of convo rolls and whatnot. It also had a fun final boss battle with knockback and a generally fun feel of dynamic combat.

But then I started leveling further and doing the flashpoints after Black Talon...
And every single one has been the same bland WoW-like dungeon experience.

No conversations whatsoever except a single "ZOMG MORAL CHOICE" scene, nothing particularly dynamic in terms of combat mechanics, and ridiculously boring and bland final bosses (I'm looking at you, Athiss).

So are all flashpoints like this or do they get better at some point...?

Or did the devs only put real effort and creativity into the first flashpoint to give a positive impression and then just decided to stop caring as much for the rest of the dungeons?

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this game, but I can't ignore what I'm seeing when looking at all the flashpoints I've done so far as one big picture: a picture that doesn't get any prettier with every new flashpoint I visit.
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