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01.03.2012 , 12:58 AM | #7
Strange on my realm we have over 200 l50s logged on at once (bloodworthy) and groups for anything fill instantly, guess you just got a bad realm.

But seriously give the raids a try, we were lolling when we found out how easy they were.

Oh and False Emperor HM is very easy too like BT, would say difficulty wise its BT > False > BP > Foundary

Unsure where D7 or battle for illum come in as not done those two.

Its 2 forms of currency because you get the majority of commendations from raiding and the majority of crystals from HM Flashpoints, its an attempt to force you to do both raiding and flashpoints instead of just one of them. But by the time you come to spending those crystals youll probably be almost full Columni anyway (each raid reset you get ~3pieces of gear, ~6 if you do both normal and HM)